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Hot Soak

This is not your everyday bath soak. I have been making this product since 2012. It became very popular as it proved to be very effective for:

  • releasing lactic acid build-up when used after exercise

  • stimulating a sluggish lymphatic system

  • drawing toxins

  • stiff joints

  • jetlag and

  • the relief of general aches, pains and slight fever.


This soak contains mustard, ginger, magnesium sulphate, a careful selection of essential oils and is infused with vibrational frequencies.

"A mustard bath is a traditional English therapeutic remedy for tired, stressed muscles, colds and fevers. The mustard was thought to draw out toxins and warm the muscles, blood and body. It was a standard medical practice up until the first part of the twentieth century and continues to be used in alternative medicine. The ancient Greeks, Romans, Europeans, and the Ayurvedic tradition of India have all used mustard in this way." (Wikipedia)

It is claimed that ginger calms the digestive system, increases blood circulation, aids in reducing inflammation and improves metabolism.

Epsom salts is traditionally known to assist in: relaxing muscles and loosen stiff joints, arthritis pain and swelling, bruises and sprains, fibromyalgia, and sunburn.

Essential oils added to this already amazing mix, add to the bath soak experience.

A unique addition to most of my products is vibrational remedies. This Hot Soak has been infused with vibrational frequencies that have been known to aid with pain relief.


How to Use:

Use 125g to 250g per soak. Add to warm water. Spend at least 15 to 20 minutes in the bath for best results.

It's best not to use soap. Treat this as a detox soak. Since there is a very good chance that you will perspire after the soak, do not use body lotion as this will affect the release of toxins through the pores. If you find that you perspire, wait about 30 minutes before taking a warm shower to rinse off. Drink enough water to replace any lost fluids.

This product contains no SLS, or synthetic ingredients.

Do not use during pregnancy. Not for children under 12 years old.

Disclaimer: This product is not meant to replace advice given by a medical professional.

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