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The Holistic Approach to Health

Cosmic Harmony

Holistic Health


In 1996 I began my journey into complimentary healing modalities. Amongst others, this included aromatherapy oils, herbs, flower essences, biochemical tissue salts and vibrational medicine as well as vibrionics.

Besides the healing modalities I was offering in my practice, I began making body and bath products which included herbal tinctures, colloidal silver, flower essences and aromatherapy-based products.

In 1999 I made my first product which became extremely popular. Clients began requesting remedies for various ailments and that is when I began producing a variety of products. I am passionate about the natural approach to health and healing and therefore I do not use synthetic or harmful ingredients in my products.

Many of my products contain vibrational medicine using vibrionics. As vibrational beings, we respond to vibrational medicine without any complications. The Vibrations Range, for instance, contains vibrational medicine and aromatherapy essential oils.

Other products I offer is the gentle Baby Range as well as various bath salts, massage oils, body lotions, balms and sprays. I also make up topical products by request for specific imbalances.

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